Please be advised that Macomb County Community Mental Health is no longer providing Lifelong with time sheets that have both a white and yellow copy.

All time sheets will now be a single sheet of paper. It will be up to the consumer to make copies of the completed time sheets if needed.


Original time sheets need to be sent to your supports coordinator.  We can only accept a copy to process your payroll.  It is important to make a copy for your own records.

Time sheets are due on the 1st & 16th of each month.  Please submit promptly to avoid delays in receiving your paycheck.

Late Payroll Policy: Any late payroll received after the 1st or 16th will be processed with the next pay period. For example, if pay period is 1/1-1/15/16 and received later than 16th it will be processed with next pay period of 1/16-1/31/16. 

New Time Sheet PDF

  • Email to
  • Fax 586.846.3871  Fax 586.846.3872  Fax 586.846.2460
  • Fax the White copy only.  The yellow copy is not legible when faxed!
  • 24 Hour Drop Box available

Pay Day will be on the 10th & 25th of each month.

Direct Deposit is available. Please fill out the Direct Deposit form and return it with the New Hire Packet.  Your first check will be mailed and thereafter checks will be conveniently deposited in your account. No more waiting for the mail!