Caregiver Certifications Requirement

Per Macomb County Community Mental Health, a signed and completed copy of the employment agreement is required for any caregiver/staff attending any training offered by MCCMH. This can be found in the new hire packet (pages 10-12) online and can be printed at your convenience. Blank copies are available for pickup at the office for no charge.

Copies of the original employment agreement can be requested via email or phone. They will be available within 3 days after the initial request and will cost $1.00 per copy.

Only completed employment agreements can be used as proof of employment.


Recipient Rights: Renewal every 2 years

Go to for class schedule.
Registration is not needed for Recipient Rights.


First Aid: Renewal every 2 years
(Must be done face-to-face, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION or AMERICAN RED CROSS being preferred)
(586) 465-8326 to schedule your class*

CPR: Renewal every 2 years
(Must be done face-to-face, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION or AMERICAN RED CROSS being preferred)
(586) 465-8326 to schedule your class*

Bloodborne Pathogens: Renewal every year
                             (Must be OSHA/MIOSHA Approved)                               Online Course: Go to

(Enter Bloodborne Pathogens in the search box, which is located at the top of the page. You must create a username and password to continue and to print the certificate.)

                             (CHILDREN’S WAIVER STAFF ONLY)                                       7 Hour Skills Training for CLS and/or Respite Staff: No Renewal                Call 586-465-8326 or go to to schedule your class

Absolutely NO online courses can be taken except Bloodborne Pathogens. All classes must be face-to-face and taken in a classroom, including First Aid and CPR.



Please be advised that until further notice we will not be able to process Reimbursement Training Time Sheets for the cost of any classes that are needed by your employees to work as a Caregiver. It has been brought to our attention that not only may this be against Medicaid policy, but it is also depleting the individual funds granted that need to go towards the intended services for the consumers.

We will, at this point, process for hours spent only in the classroom (at a rate of $9.25/hr) not for any cost associated with course itself. As always, there are FREE classes offered through MCCMH. As with any position, there are certain requirements needed to be eligible for hire. It is the responsibility of the individual wanting to work as a caregiver to meet those requirements without expecting to be funded for the cost of a class by their employer.

The Request for Reimbursement must have EACH SECTION filled out entirely. If you are using an old Reimbursement Sheet we now require a signature from the EMPLOYER/CONSUMER to verify that the funds being taken out of the monthly budget are in fact approved by the employer/consumer. Please just sign off underneath the employee’s signature.

We will keep you updated, as to any new guidelines we need to follow, as we are made aware of them.

If you should have any questions regarding this change, please contact our office.