Why choose Self-Determination?

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Self-determination is a model of service delivery that allows you, the person receiving mental health of developmental disability services, to direct the purchase of your approved services yourself, using a fixed amount of Medicaid dollars.  Other public funds may also be used.  Your individual budget, the amount of funds available to you for purchase of your services, is determined by your person-centered plan.

Self-determination is an available choice for any adult who receives public mental health services.  It is an option for payment of medically necessary services you receive as a beneficiary of mental health services in Michigan.

Self-determination is meant to provide persons who use public services more direct control over their lives. Five principles define self-determination:

  • Freedom:  Your ability, with the help of people you choose, to develop your own lifestyle, and to organize and receive needed supports in ways that are meaningful and effective for you.
  • Authority:  Your ability to control a certain sum of dollars on your behalf, to purchase supports as needed, and to re-arrange services, supports and funds to meet your needs.
  • Support:  Services and supports, both formal and informal, to help you live a rich, active life in the community, according to your own values.
  • Responsibility:  Your acceptance of a valued, contributing role in in community life, including acceptance of the responsibility for proper use of public funds.  This may include participation in education, employment, volunteer work, caring for others or spiritual and personal development, in ways consistent with your own values and desires.
  • Confirmation:  Your acceptance of a leadership role in the community, including participation in improvements to the public service system and through active citizenship participation.

Excerpt:  Help When You Need It  A Service Guide for Consumers and the Community, Macomb County Community Mental Health, 2010  Page 24-25.

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