Elizabeth: A place of her own

Taking Risks­, Progressing, Growing and Changing! 
“She’s not made out of china, she’s a young woman and she’s fine.”

Liz is owner of her condo and living on her own with a full-time aide, working 2 hours a day at Home Depot, and active at a Therapeutic Riding Center with horses providing her exercise, recreation and social skills with many opportunities for interaction and bonding. 

“We wanted Inclusion and Self-Determination to give her opportunities instead of just take care of her like some poor sap and she’s not a poor sap. Liz is person with a lot of potential and ability.”

“It all has to do with the opportunities we have given her.  We are not special people but we learned to take the initiative to find resources and opportunities to give Liz experiences that help her learn and grow just like you do with any child. We planned that she would live to her maximum potential whatever that would be.” –Parents

Check out video below for the full story!