The Futures Foundation 16th Annual Gala… A Huge Success!


The Futures Foundation 16th Annual Gala A Huge Success!

The Futures Foundation is proud to announce their success with their 16th Annual Gala this year.   It was held on September 26th at the San Marino Club in Troy. The Futures Foundation and all of its supporters raised over $35,000 to fund the wishes, hopes and dreams of our individuals. The night was filled with fun, laughter and heartwarming stories. Throughout the evening, Carson Alexander spoke about “Unmasking Disability”, Joey Travolta spoke about the film camp that OU Cares is putting on and he also shared with us a big surprise. He invited his intern, Jeff Unger to Hollywood with him to help make movies produced by Inclusion Films!

This was the first year for presenting the Heart of MORC award which was presented to Don Lane and Keith Robinson of Greenfield Collision. This award was presented to them because of their outstanding participation in raising over $250,000 through various fundraising efforts over the years.

The night ended with dancing, music and prizes that individuals could win!