Congress finds cause to agree on: Disability assistance!

 The bill has also had some powerful, if untraditional, lobbyists behind it. Sara Wolff, 31, has Down syndrome and is a leading advocate for the ABLE Act and for people with disabilities. She testified before a Senate committee this year, and Casey’s office said she was critical in signing up co-sponsors.

In an interview, Wolff recounted how she shared her personal story with lawmakers. After her mother passed away last year, she said it “kind of put life in perspective for me.” She works at a law firm, volunteers and does national advocacy work but nagging concerns about her own future remain. “I worry about if my father passed away,” she said. An ABLE account would allow her and her family to save for her future education and housing costs. Wolff, who has been lobbying for this since 2009, is ready for the vote.

“I’m going to have a big party,” she said, “Not just because it affects me personally but for everyone out there to achieve their potential.”