Sign Petition Today. Let’s Help Jason Bring Awareness to Dystonia!


Fox 2 News Headlines  He needs 100,000 online signatures needed by Sept. 30th.

As of Wednesday night, the petition had 15,826 signatures and needs 84,174 by the deadline.   

“To see the condition that he’s in and nobody knows about it, I just felt I had to do something to help him out,” said Delise. “We’ve been on this mission for about 14 years now.”  To sign the petition, click here:

 A local man is spearheading a campaign to bring awareness about a debilitating disease. Fox 2 first introduced viewers to Jason Dunn, who has dystonia, five years ago. Dystonia is a neurological muscle disorder that causes painful muscle contractions, spasms and tremors.
In Jason’s case the disease has distorted his body, making it difficult for him to walk and talk. There is no cure, but his friend, Mike Delise, is trying to get more funding for research. Delise has launched a petition drive to make the month of September, Dystonia Awareness Month.