Kirk climbing to Colera Camp!

Image: Kirk climbing to Colera camp

Kirk climbing to Colera Camp!

January 26, 2015

The summit push is on now in the next days. We have spent the past couple of days at Nido Condores around 18,400 feet. One of our team members Chris has returned to base camp as he was having some problems with headaches. Chris is one of our disabled veteran team members who suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury, we had been monitoring him for a day and our guide staff as well as the Doc decided the best thing was for Chris to return down to base camp due to a decreasing state of possible AMS with other complications we felt should be taken conservatively.

We have a weather report that shows strong winds likely on the 29th so we are going to try for a shot at the summit on the 28th. Tonight, Kirk and Ryan are at Colera camp just under 20,000 feet to get a jump on a summit push.

The rest of the team, Colton, a double leg amputee, Dave, an above knee single amputee as well as Doc Podraza and Alf will all come up to Colera tomorrow with our other guides, Tomas, Chirring, and Mike. More news as it unfolds!

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