We are now all at 20,000 feet at Camp Colera!


From Kirk Bauer

The head guide Ryan has decided that Dave would end his climb here — safety is always the first rule. Dave is very strong and a fast climber, but has had to constantly battle facing the extreme heights involved in climbing the world’s tallest mountain outside of Asia.

With all the challenging precipices that are at the summit of Aconcagua, the guides were concerned he could get into a situation where it might become dangerous for Dave or the team. There is no helicopter or rescue opportunities at the summit.

This is the nature of high mountain climbing and the professional guides have the final say in these matters of safety and literally life and death.

Dave was not happy about not summiting, but he understands the decision. Coming back from a suicide bomber attack that nearly killed him and then serving two combat tours with the Marines in Afghanistan and then making it to 20,000 feet on this climb show Dave’s true, remarkable mettle. The rest of the team will continue climbing tomorrow.

For more information go to:  http://www.disabledsportsusa.org/aconcagua/