Free Clothing! The Closet-Mt. Clemens High School

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Free Clothing:
from the The Closet has winter coats and many other cloths available for free (infancy, children, adult up to 5x, pregnancy cloths).
She also has sheets, baby items, and other miscellaneous household necessities.
The Closet is located in the Mt. Clemens High School on Gratiot and Cass.
Anyone is welcome to call her and set up an appointment to go shopping- (586)850.8522.  She told me that she will actually do the shopping (if needed) for staff if they tell her specifics. Nothing goes out of the shop unless it has been washed and ironed.  The Closet is very clean!  There are many more articles of clothing than are seen in this room below.  She also gets adult diapers and has a some currently available.
Everything has to be done by appointment because it is in a school.
Donna welcomes you to tell the people you serve about The Closet.