The Autism Answers Z-Truth about Autism

Autism_Awareness_Ribbon-185x300I am autisic – 10 things that I would like you to know

  1. I am a child.
  2. My senses are out of sync.
  3. It isn’t that I don’t listen to instructions – it’s that I can’t understand you.
  4. I am a concrete thinker – I interpret language literally.
  5. It’s hard for me to tell you what I need when I don’t have a way to describe my feelings.
  6. I’m visually oriented – show me how to do something rather than just telling me.
  7. Focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do.
  8. Help me with social interactions- I don’t know how to read facial expressions or emotions of others.
  9. Identify what triggers my meltdowns – they occur because one of my senses have gone into overload.
  10. Love me unconditionally. View my autism as a different ability, not a disability.

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